Tom Sutherland (2018)

Tom Sutherland co-founded Good One Creative, a Melbourne-based advertising agency, in 2021. We chatted with Tom about business challenges, Ormond memories and winning ‘The Pitch’ on Gruen.

Tell us about Good One Creative
We’re a one-stop creative shop. We started during the pandemic and we’ve already managed to do some pretty cool work – from brand design to developing brand platforms for campaign advertising. It’s fun and very challenging. I’m wearing many hats – but that’s the beauty of startups. You learn a lot of skills very quickly. 

Tell us about some of your favourite projects so far
We worked on a complete brand identity and conceptual design for the basement restaurant at Hotel Sorrento. And we’ve been working with Kit, a kids’ pocket-money app, which is a CommBank startup business. Winning ‘The Pitch’ on Gruen was certainly a highlight, too.

What are your plans for Good One?
We’d love to do some traditional TVC production work with big brands, but we have to build out our portfolio and get more runs on the board. We’re also doing a lot to build relationships with the network of young freelance artists and creatives doing cool things around Melbourne. We hope that’ll lead to opportunities to make more great work too.

What’s your favourite Ormond memory?
Winning the rugby against Trinity in 2019. All the festivities around it – it was awesome.

What’s your least favourite Ormond memory?
I was reprimanded for missing duty a couple of times. One of the things about starting your own business is you have to get organised and use a proper calendar. I don’t miss my appointments now!


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